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Scene WebShare Example

Below this example is information about webshare


Webshare provides the client with a virtual representation of their site. The data can be uploaded, published and viewed in a similar manner to our example above.

The project above is public but your project will only be accessible by you.

Webshare offers a secure and interactive environment allowing users to explore, measure and annotate the project data. Prior to Webshare any company wishing to collect additional data from site would have needed to revisit site and thus incur additional costs.

Webshare is accessed via an internet browser to view and analyse the project data.

SCENE Webshare :
  • Easy and intuitive studying of scan projects: a map view allows the user to select a scan location within the project. The intuitive panoramic view mode allows the user to view 3D panoramic images and zoom in for a closer look.
  • Clients do not require technical skills or training to access the scan data.
  • Measurements can be made, stored and shared with other users.
  • Annotations or comments are also integrated into the application.
  • Information will be added to a custom USB ready for you to start exploring your site.

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