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Managing Director | Surveying Team Coordinator

Hello I’m Neil and as the owner of CGD Ltd I would like to thank you for taking the time to browse our website.

I am a Chartered Land Surveyor with over 30 years experience. Apart from managing the company, I am an expert in the resolution of boundary disputes. I also manage site work, from topographic surveys, laser scan surveys and any other measurement activity carried out by CGD Ltd.


Accounts Controller

My role is to look after the administration and book keeping at CGD Ltd and generally keep everything in the office running smoothly.
This involves invoicing, paying bills, payroll and time management.



Quality Control Coordinator | CAD Technician

Hello, I’m Emma and I have worked for CGD Ltd for many years. I have several roles within the organisation.

The first is to produce plans, maps and notices required by clients. I have extensive knowledge of Ordnance Survey data and can advise on the most appropriate map data for a client’s project.

My other role is that of Quality Control. It is my responsibility to make sure that drawings adhere to CGD CAD standards to ensure that there are no errors.

Outside of work my main interest is Photography. I also like listening to music and watching movies when I have time



BIM Team Coordinator

As a BIM Coordinator at CGD, I am responsible for supporting the CAD and BIM teams by building a seamless workflow between the two teams.  Part of my role is to keep the company up–to-date about our industry in terms of BIM practices, UK government strategy on BIM and how it affects CGD.

In three words, I would describe my job as exciting, challenging and stimulating.



IT Manager | CAD Technician

Hi I’m Andy.  I currently look after IT infrastructure at CGD, which includes but is not limited to server monitoring and 1st level IT support.

Another of my roles at CGD is that of a technician within the CAD, GIS and BIM team, with most of my work focusing on the GIS side of the business.

I also have the responsibility of producing plans, maps and notices required by customers in fulfilling their obligation to their clients in respect of a wide range of CPO and other projects.

Regulated by RICS
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