Land & Topographic Survey Services

Land & Topographic Survey Services

Using the latest survey technology and CAD Software, CGD Ltd undertake highly accurate topographic surveys. We use GPS, if required, to poition and orientate our surveys to the Ordnance Survey National Grid.  Using the data collected we can produce 2D CAD drawings or fully detailed 3D digital models / visualisations according to client requirements.

Our Land Survey services include:

  • Topographic Surveys
  • GPS Surveys
  • Volume Surveys & Sections
  • Surveys for AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • BIM Surveys
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Manhole & Drainage Surveys
  • Tree Surveys

Case Study – Land Survey

Diglis Weir, Worcester

One of the joys of Land Surveying is that you can sometimes find yourself in the most beautiful and unexpected of locations. In this instance CGD Ltd was commissioned to survey the weir at Diglis in Worcester.

Our client was undertaking a visual inspection of the weir to check for damage and cracks. As part of their inspection they were required to produce a level survey of the weir.

The survey wasn’t technically difficult but for safety reasons the job was challenging. Fortunately we had the help of some of the clients’ employees who were expert in working in such environments.

Using our ‘robotic total station’ the job was a one man operation. Levels were taken in the river bed at the ‘toe’ of the weir, on the ‘toe’ and at the top of the weir. We were also asked to take levels in order to create a section of the weir.

Hazardous Environments

The total station also enables us to survey in other hazardous environments. It has a ‘non contact’ function which enables us to measure points of detail without the surveyor being put into danger. For example we can measure the centreline of a road or railway tracks without the need for the surveyor to go on the road or railway track.

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