Knowing me, knowing you…. Aha

Knowing me, knowing you…. Aha

Scene Webshare… Connecting you directly to your project. (Click here to see our example)

The adoption of laser scanning technology for survey measurement has brought about the ability to capture huge amounts of field data more quickly and accurately. One of the great advantages of point clouds is that they are three-dimensional allowing the data to be visualised interactively using 3D fly-throughs or panoramic views.

We believe that sharing point cloud data (PCD) with our clients will make a significant impact on the decision making process’s for design, for future alteration and maintenance operations. Presently, the full potential of point cloud data has not been utilised as most clients only ask for 2D or 3D models as deliverables.

Laser scanning technology is advancing rapidly. It is bringing benefits both for clients and surveyors at each step. The pragmatic communication of construction information today is still mainly based on some basic information such as 2D CAD and 3D models extracted from the PCD to a specific level of detail. However; detail left undocumented from the PCD may be useful down the line for architects, engineers or contractors. In addition, PCD  has proved useful in ensuring accuracy of as-built documentation when used for mapping, coordination, validation and interference checks.

One of the major benefits of collecting laserscan data, we believe, is that of reducing costs for site visits and at the same time, providing a safe environment from which to explore the site. Laser scanning gives the opportunity to provide you with point cloud data in a format that can be interactively visualised and shared with project teams through an internet platform. Being able to navigate the PCD in a 3D space, take quick measurements, get information about element details such as colours, textures means you can virtually visit your site any day and anytime with just a click of a link on your computer.

Click here to try it yourself or write to us and request a  demostration. Visit our website for more information.

We believe that once you have seen Webshare you will want to take advantage of the opportunities and efficiencies that it provides. We believe the more our clients know about the latest technology, the better we can work together.

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