Eye catching hatching!

A recent project caused us a bit of a conundrum because the client specified that they wanted a flattened/unfolded elevation due to it having a curved facade.

We took a day on site to capture the building with our Faro laser scanner and then indexed the separate scans into a single point cloud. We used specialist software to “clean” the scan data, removing passing people and cars.

The rendered image (see below) was actually a lot clearer than we expected and together with Scene Webshare we were able to produce a really nice elevation.

I used AutoCAD to draw up the building elevation and as I was doing so I felt that it was missing something. I wanted to make it stand out and give a better idea of the building materials used without the need for lots of annotations cluttering it up.

I decided to add some different styles and colours of hatching to the drawing. I think it adds depth and gives a really nice visual theme to the drawing; a bit like an elevational section taken from a Revit model:

If you have a drawing that needs a little something extra then look no further.

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