Bridging the gap between “Real World” and “Virtual World”

Bridging the gap between Real world and Virtual world

Latest technologies are revolutionising the way we plan, design, manage and build in the construction industry. Technologies such as virtual and augmented reality are increasingly intersecting with our physical world and are becoming the mainstream across many areas of our everyday life. Surely these technologies provide us with the possibility to digitise real world objects the way we see them, as we live in a 3D space and every object around us has a third dimension to it. What does this mean for the construction sector? Continue reading Bridging the gap between “Real World” and “Virtual World”

2D or not 2D: that is the question

It’s not just about creating Revit models!! (Other softwares are available)

I was recently talking to a client who didn’t realise that all the survey data that CGD collects is 3 dimensional. Whether it is a Topographic or building survey all data collected is 3D information. When a client asks us to produce floor plans, elevations or sections we are producing 2D information from the 3D data. When asked to produce a topographic survey showing only 2D information with the levels annotated we are removing some of the intelligence of the information collected. Continue reading 2D or not 2D: that is the question

Knowing me, knowing you…. Aha

Knowing me, knowing you…. Aha

Scene Webshare… Connecting you directly to your project. (Click here to see our example)

The adoption of laser scanning technology for survey measurement has brought about the ability to capture huge amounts of field data more quickly and accurately. One of the great advantages of point clouds is that they are three-dimensional allowing the data to be visualised interactively using 3D fly-throughs or panoramic views. Continue reading Knowing me, knowing you…. Aha

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