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CAD Services

Floor Plan

Our experienced CAD technicians at CGD Ltd provide a wide range of Computer Aided Design and drafting solutions, such as architectural and structural drafting (2D & 3D), Raster to Vector conversion, Autodesk Civil 3D and much more.

Knowing me, knowing you…. Aha

Knowing me, knowing you…. Aha

Scene Webshare… Connecting you directly to your project. (Click here to see our example)

The adoption of laser scanning technology for survey measurement has brought about the ability to capture huge amounts of field data more quickly and accurately. One of the great advantages of point clouds is that they are three-dimensional allowing the data to be visualised interactively using 3D fly-throughs or panoramic views. Continue reading Knowing me, knowing you…. Aha

CGD Ltd… so much more than just Chartered Surveying services

Part 1 – Introduction

This is the first of a number of blogs which will introduce you to the services provided by CGD Ltd. You may think that you know what a Chartered Land Surveying practice does but I am sure you will not be aware of all the things CGD Ltd can do for you.

CGD Ltd does provide the standard services that you would expect from a Chartered Land Surveying practice; Topographic Surveys, Measured Building surveys, Flood Risk analysis work, Environmental Borehole monitoring to name but a few. But we do so much more.  This list below indicates more of what we do. If you can’t wait to find out about one or more of these then please contact us.

  1. Data handling and conversion.
  2. 2D and 3D CAD and Revit modelling
  3. Civil 3D
  4. GIS services
  5. Visualisation and rendering
  6. Boundary Dispute and Expert witness
  7. Microstation (DGN)

Microstation and Autocad Print Comparison

Microstation and Autocad Print Comparison

Microstation (by Bentley) and Autocad (by Autodesk) are generally considered to be the best CAD softwares available today. Heated debates between passionate users compare the relative merits of both trying to ascertain which of the two is the best. Is it difficult to choose? You can do more or less the same things with both of them. Most of the time the software used is governed by the industry we are working in. Undoubtedly the Bentley product is better suited to some tasks whilst the Autodesk product is better suited to other tasks. Continue reading Microstation and Autocad Print Comparison

From 2nd to 3rd dimension

Moving from 2nd to 3rd dimension, is it worth it?

Studies published in the Smart Market reports in 2010 showed that in the UK, at least 35% of construction professionals were already using 3D technology. This means that nearly 65% were still using 2D CAD systems. Recognising the benefits of 3D technology, which are universally accepted across the AEC industry, it is surprising that 3D technology has not penetrated the construction industry to a much greater level. Continue reading From 2nd to 3rd dimension