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Welcome to our Boundary Dispute website.

CGD Ltd is a Chartered Land Surveying company providing services to many sectors of the construction industry (See our other services). However, this website is dedicated to all things Boundary and the services we provide to help you resolve your boundary issues.


CGD Ltd is a Chartered Land Surveying practice regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)  (A name you can trust). Based in Worcester, we are ideally located to provide you with boundary services across the Midlands and UK.
Our Boundary dispute service differs from many other boundary dispute companies because it is based on accurate and robust survey techniques. In most instances we undertake an accurate measured topographic survey, sometimes in full 3D (laser scan), to help us resolve disputes. We combine the latest hardware and software with trained and experienced staff to provide you with a fast, efficient and most importantly a reliable boundary dispute service.

We also understand that Land and Boundary disputes are emotive issues that require careful handling by a suitably qualified professional.

Our Boundary Dispute services include:

  • Expert Witness Reports
  • CPR 35 Reports
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Laser Scan Surveys. Good for 3D visualisation
  • Boundary Investigation
  • Boundary Determination
  • Supply of your Land Registry Plans from The Land Registry typically £10 each, £18 for plan and register
  • Creation of Land Registry compliant plans for land transfer/sale. The requirements are quite exacting. Click here to see what Land Registry require.

Neil’s C.V.

Please take a look at Neil’s c.v.  We will be happy to send a copy. Please request a copy on our contacts page.

Typical Costs (excluding VAT):

  • Cost /hr – £75
  • Typical cost for measured survey – £500 Including CAD work & processing (This is a rough guide & varies according to job size)
  • Typical cost for CPR35 compliant report  – £1500 (This is a rough guide based on experience. Some may cost a lot less)
  • Creation of Land Registry compliant plans from £90 (Including purchase of digital OS mapping)
  • Provision of OS mapping – get a quote

We would like to help you. Ask us a question, using our Contact us form, and we will try to answer it or you can phone us on 01905 24135 (telephone number is correct) for a chat.

Boundary Information Pages

A Boundaries glossary page may help with some definitions

We will be developing  pages to provide general ‘self help’ information.  These will help you decide whether or not to proceed with a dispute. They will not comment on specific examples but provide general information.

Our CAD services include: (read more)

  • Bespoke Land Registry Plans
  • Transport & Works Act Order Plans
  • Bespoke maps
  • Rights of Way plans
  • Agreement Plans
  • Lease Plans
  • Planning Notice Plans

Laser Scanning & Scene Webshare

You may also be interested in our Laser scanning service. CGD Ltd has used Laser scanning techniques to survey a disputed boundary. This method of survey captures a ‘3D model’ of the site enabling us to ‘fly’ around a virtual site as if we were there. It also allows us to provide clients with their own virtual tour using Scene Webshare. Click here to find out more about Scene Webshare.

Regulated by RICS
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